Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-13 Review: Shamsher finds Mahek alive and abducts her

What a happening episode!

Ary Digital’s drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is down with 13 episodes and the only good thing about the play is its fast pace. This episode is a very happening one, it’s very fast-paced, bang after bang happened. Performances are good. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shamsher goes on an unknown journey. In this episode, he sees what he has never imagined in his wildest dreams Mahek is alive! He abducts her.

Well, the play is back with all its toxicity. Does the episode begin when Shamsher stops at Multan Station well I have heard the Ticket checker saying that the train’s last stop is Rawalpindi then how come all of a sudden it stops at Multan and the Ticket checker telling Shamsher that for further traveling he needs to catch another train? Confusing.

Shero welcomes Shamsher at the Multan station and he insists to get himself attached to him as he is ordered to do that. Well, Shamsher happens to be a very aggressive person why he is letting Shero hang with him why he is not shooting him off? Shero takes him to a Darbaar so that he can get some tranquility there, a siant wished him a dua, and surprisingly his wish comes true.

In his wildest dreams, Shamsher has not dreamt that Mahek will be alive. He as the world is always so small in our dramas sees Mahek getting in a Rickshaw. Well, Mahek’s life is in danger she is hiding her identity then why she is not hiding her face? Poor girl is so happy she is uniting with her family but then Shamsher sees her alive! Shamsher has not given those extremely surprised and shocked expressions to see her alive. He follows Mahek. The old hyper-aggressive and toxically obsessive Shamsher is back in action. He follows Mahek to her hostel.

Mahek is such a dumb girl. Has she gone to the station she would have caught her train and most possibly fled off the scene but no she goes straight to her hostel room where Shamsher has easily traced her. Shamsher has become violent. He is not hero material and he has been redeemed. He abducts Mahek blaming her and her family for hiding the truth from him. He calls Mahek’s family and he stoops so low that he threatens Mahek’s father that he will kill their second daughter if he will not convince Mahek to marry him. The poor man has left with no choice but to beg his daughter to marry Shamsher. Mahek tells Shamsher that she is ready to marry him but she will never love him, she hates him from the core. Shamsher claims that he will make her fall in love with him one day. Well, we are not buying this story. We are not rooting for Mahek and Shamsher. We want Shamsher and his family to suffer.

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