Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-26 Review: Shamsher lost his mother

Baba Sahab has not let Shamsher see his mother’s face for the last time.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-26 Review – ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is down with episode 26 and the play has taken quite a tragic turn. Performances are all good but in a few places, particularly at the end of the episode, we see Danish Taimoor’s performance is lacking when he tries to cry in front of Mahek. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shamsher gets hired as a salesperson. In this episode, it is shown that poor Shamsher lost his mother.

The episode begins with the nikkah festivities of Nida and Ahesun, the scenes of nikkah were quite dragged where the consent is taken from both. Mahek and Shamsher are recalling their nikkah day in their heads. Well, I don’t understand why it is important for Nida to marry Ahesun knowing that he loves her sister. Ahesun’s mother is missing from the whole event.

Shamsher’s mummy’s condition gets worsened and in a very abrupt manner, Dara informs Shamsher about his mother’s critical condition despite Baba Sahab’s disapproval. Shamsher’s world turns upside down he rushes to the hospital leaving the nikkah ceremony in the middle. Poor Shamsher gets late when he arrives at the hospital he gets the news that his mother has left the world.

Shamsher rushes to his house in a grieving state to see his mother’s face for the last time. Dara stops him from entering the house but Shamsher does not listen to him. He wants to see his mother for the last time but Baba Sahab stops him and he does not let him see his mother. In fact, he starts blaming him for his mother’s death saying that he is the reason why she died. He further tells him that now he is dead for him and he tells Dara to throw him out of the house.

There is a time-lapse issue in this episode when Shamsher gets the news about his mother in critical condition, Nida’s nikkah ceremony going then we have seen that his mother passed away, then we have seen her funeral scene and during all this Nida’s Nikkah ceremony is going and Mehak is waiting for him. When Nikkah’s ceremony ends and Mehak’s father drops her home she sees that Shamsher is at home weeping like a child. So timing issue is a bit unbelievable in this episode. In the scene where Shamsher is weeping in front of Mehak, I find the Danish performance a bit lacking. Mahek embraces Shamsher and it seems that she has forgiven him. Is Shamsher really redeemable?

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