Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-27 Review: Shamsher visits his mother’s grave

Mahek finds out about Shamsher’s actual workplace.

ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is 27 episodes down, the story is dragged a lot it should have concluded by now. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shamsher lost his mother, and Baba Sahab did not let him see his mother’s face for the last time. In this episode, it is shown that Shamsher pays a visit to his mother’s grave.

Mahek consoles Shamsher, she is about to take leave from her work on her first day of joining but then Shamsher insists to drop her at the office. He drops her to her office and then pays a visit to the graveyard at her mother’s grave. He says that Baba Sahab has not let him see his mother’s face for the last time now no one can stop him from visiting his mother’s grave. Shamsher cries his heart out at her mother’s grave.

Well, we are certainly not interested in Nida and Ahesun’s track. Nida’s wedding night is shown. Ahesun despite of the fact that he loves Mahek, and treats her very nicely I don’t like the wedding gift instead of a wedding ring he gives her quite an ordinary wristwatch. Nida had many dreams which had been crushed and the next day Aehsun’s mother gives poor Nida a reality check by sending her to the kitchen on her first day.

After visiting his mother’s grave he goes straight to his work, he is already 3 hours late. Shamsher starts working as a cashier on the counter. His work is to make the bills, collect the cash and also pack the stuff. It is a bit heartbreaking that he is getting tips like 50 and 100 rupees. He also had to work as a laborer and do the unloading of stuff which makes his clothes dirty. His dirty clothes are making Mahek wonder what kind of work he is doing.

Shamsher initially lies about his dirty clothes by saying that there is too much dirt outside. Later while having dinner when Mahek again asks where he works. He tells her the truth by saying that he works as a salesperson at a grocery shop, he has to work at the counter and today he has to do unloading of the goods too. It seems that Mahek is feeling sorry for him like us but all these hardships and suffering cannot absolve him of what wrong he has done with Mahek! He has to suffer and pay for his sins.

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