Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-9 Review: Mahek is miraculously alive!

Shamsher and Mahek’s family is mourning her death!

ARY Digital’s drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is getting stronger and is building the intrigue value. There is a bang in this episode. The performance of Danish Taimoor mourning Mahek’s death is average but Shahood Alvi’s performance is brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mahek gets assassinated on her wedding day. The latest episode reveals that Mahek is miraculously alive!

Mahek’s sudden and painful death has broken her family, particularly her mother has lost her mind. Mahek’s father has become so fearless that he now has the courage and guts to scold Shamsher. Shamsher not for a moment gets an inkling that maybe it is not just an accident but a murder! He knows his family quite well he should have gotten the idea.

Shamsher’s bhabi Farwah is one vile character, she is 100% sure that his father-in-law has killed Mahek and it is not just an accident but the disturbing part is that she is okay with it and in fact, she finds it satisfying that his father in law has taken the revenge for her insult. She has called her sister to come and entice Shamsher in this difficult time as it is the best time to win him little does she knows that his passion for Mahek is never-ending.

We get a bang in this episode when Mahek’s chachoo calls Mahek’s father and secretly asks him to come to a location he is suggesting. There are many questions arising that how come chachoo knows about that place and what he is doing there? Anyways Mahek’s father gets the pleasant shock of his life to see his daughter alive! yes Mahek is alive and very much in a composed state except for a few injury stains she is all well. This makes us all wonder how come she escaped that fire?

It is not clear how Mahek was saved? Does that hitman save her out of pity? Or she jumped out of the car whatever has happened we are yet to find that. Mahek’s chachoo also reveals that it was not an accident but a murder attempt, and her life is in danger. Mahek is alive it should be kept secret and also they are sending her to Multan. Well poor Mahek all alone arrives at Multan by train and coincidentally that same hitman finds her at the railway station he tries to get to her but she has gone in a rickshaw. What does it mean? Mahek has not been saved by that hitman as he is still after her then who saved her?

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