Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Review Ep-15 Review: Whatever kindness Shamsher does, it doesn’t absolve him from his sins

Mahek’s father is in critical stage!

Ary Digital’s drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is down with 15 Episodes. Today they have aired double episodes but in two parts. It was such a long watch to bear this much level of toxicity and insanity. Performances are good. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shamsher forcefully marries Mahek. In this episode, it is shown that Shamsher is not being reasonable to Mahek at times but he is also caring towards her.

Why the hell Shamsher is behaving so unreasonably with Mahek? Why Shamsher is not allowing Mahek to meet her parents? Shamsher thinks that Mahek’s family will turn her against him or he also thinks that Mahek’s death scene was the drama orchestrated by Mahek’s family.

Well nor Mahek nor her parents ever tried to tell Shamsher the real story and also that her life is still in danger. It is actually Shamsher’s father who had attempted to kill Mahek. It is such an important thing to discuss but neither Mahek nor her parents utter anything about it in front of Shamsher. Even at one place, Shamsher brings that up but still, Mahek accepts that yes she has created that drama why? Why would she do such a foolish thing?

Shamsher’s father calls Ikram and he badly insults and humiliates him. Still, Ikram has not uttered the fact that it is not they but his son who forcefully married Mahek. Nawab Dilawar lives in a bubble of his own where he thinks that actually, it is Mahek and her family who have trapped his “innocent” son. The irony is unmistakable. Mahek’s father has taken that humiliation to his heart. Nawab Dilawar tells Shamsher and Mahek that Ikram is asking for money from him surprisingly Shamsher buys this story and believes his father is ridiculous!

Mehak has fallen terribly ill and is admitted to the hospital. The doctor has advised Shamsher to take better care of her. There they find out that Mehak’s father is admitted to the hospital in an emergency.

Dara seems the only sane person in the house after Shamsher’s mother. Dara, unlike his wife, is a kind-hearted guy and he advises Shamsher to be nice and kind to Mahek. Surprisingly Shamsher seems to take his advice seriously. Shamsher takes Mahek to meet her father. Ikram is critically ill. Shamsher clears all his operation bills. Well, poor Ikram’s family is left with no choice, they cannot even refuse this help. Shamsher is being more kind he even allows her to meet her father the next day. Well whatever kindness Shamsher does, it does not absolve him from his sins he does not redeem him and he does not deserve Mahek at all. Certainly not rooting for Shamsher and Mahek!

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