Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi 2nd Last Episode Review: Shamsher dies!

Baba Sahab to confess his sins through a press conference

ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi is close to its conclusion as its second last episode has been aired. The play does not have a happy ending and this is for sure as this episode takes quite a tragic turn with Shamsher’s death. In the previous episode we have watched that Baba Sahab attempts to murder Mahek through his goons but Shamsher takes that bullet on himself and saves Mahek.

This episode comes with a big bang! The most unexpected turn the story has taken. The end of the previous episode raises a big question that will Shamsher going to survive this attack or not? Well I was deadly sure that Shamsher would survive this attack as he is the hero how can he die but to our surprise Shamsher glorified as a hero dies!

Well in this episode not much has happened except the death of Shamsher and loads of flashbacks. This second last episode is all devoted to Shamsher’s death. Baba Sahab has to pay for his sins. His world turns upside down the moment he comes to know that Shamsher gets critically injured as he takes the bullet targeted for Mahek and saves her. Baba Sahab recalls Shamsher’s words that if he will aim to hurt Mahek he will find him in between him and Mahek.

Mahek is in the hospital when Dara arrives, can we take a moment to appreciate Dara brilliantly performed by Tipu Shareef. Dara’s heart goes out for his brother. Mahek’s reaction is quite justified in front of Baba Sahab. Baba Sahab gets shocked when she says that nor she nor her child are going to forgive him. It has also shocked her parents who come to know that Mahek is expecting a child. Doctor calls Mahek to meet Shamsher.

The last meeting of Mahek and Shamsher has significance as Mahek confesses to him that she loves him very much. It is the makers who have successfully glorified Shamsher as a hero and now he has already won her love. This story is from Baba Sahab point of view as he will now going to pay for his sins. With Shamsher’s death Baba Sahab’s penance starts. Baba Sahab orders Dara to release his confession through a Press Conference in which he is going to confess all his sins of attacking Mahek!

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