Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep-7 Review: Mahek has left with no choice but to accept marrying Shamsher

Shamsher threatens Mahek to marry him otherwise he will kill her family

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi the play airing at ARY Digital is scoring high despite being so problematic at many levels. Performances are on spot but it seems to get wasted. We really love Shamsher’s evil laugh. In the previous episode, Shamsher finally finds out Mahek. In this episode Shamsher threatens Mahek to marry him otherwise he will kill her family, poor Mahek is left with no choice but to agree to marry him.

Shamsher finally traces out Mahek at her khala’s place. Well, one thing I am wondering about is why Mahek goes out at the door despite knowing the danger that Shamsher is looking for her. Has she let her khala open the door she might have dodged Shamsher by lying about Mahek. Shamsher drags her back into her khala’s house.

Mahek’s khalo tries to handle Shamsher in his own way but he is way too beyond his reach. Shamsher misbehaves a lot with everyone and he finally gives them notice that he will have nikkah with Mahek after 3 days despite of Mahek telling him that she hates him. Shamsher openly professes his love for her and then he threatens her to have nikkah with him at the given date otherwise he will kill her family.

Mahek has left with no choice but to agree having nikkah with Shamsher at the decided day. Well the question arises is really this is the only option Mahek has left with? Why Mahek is so spineless? Why she is not raising voice for herself? why she is not fighting for her right to choose? Why she is not standing up against harassment? Mahek’s sister is shown to be a social media influencer, a blogger they must know the power of social media then why she is not putting her case on social media and get public support?

Shamsher is super excited and happy about his nikkah and he discloses this to his family. His father resisted but then Shamsher carelessly tells him that he can disown him if he wants but he is not going to step back from marrying his love. Shamsher’s father apparently happily agrees on this marriage but it seems to be his tactic. Shamsher’s bhabi creates a lot of hue and cry over this decision she is threatening everyone that she is going to leave the house. Shamsher is over the moon when Mahek calls him and tells him about her agreeing for Nikkah. Shamsher cannot be absolve with what he has done with Mahek, his obsessive love cannot save him. We do not want to see Shamsher glorifying as a hero, he is not a hero!

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