Karachi: An increase in random gunshot deaths due to frequent shooting events

“While at her residence in Martin Quarters, Muhammad Khatoon, 75, sustained injuries from a blind bullet.”

In a matter of hours, stray gunfire from an unknown direction in Karachi claimed the life of one guy and injured three more.

In the course of four days of widespread aerial fire incidents, three people—including a student and a young girl—have reportedly been killed by stray bullets.

This year, errant shots in the city have harmed hundreds of civilians.

A stray bullet killed a two-year-old girl at Landhi’s Future Colony a few days ago. Aasia, another girl, was resting on her home’s rooftop when she was hit by a stray gunshot.

A bullet from an unidentified source killed 14-year-old Ali Raza, a student in the ninth grade who was also sleeping on his home’s roof during the power outage.

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