Karachi fishermen who catch unusual fish go on to become billionaires.

Details show that approximately 300 rare Sowa fish were brought in by Hanif Katiyar, a fisherman from the coastal town of Kharo Chan, and his crew, making the fishermen and crew happy.

Rare Sowa fish that are captured close to Keti Bandar are valued at millions of dollars.

Before, local fisherman in Gwadar, a coastal city in Balochistan, unintentionally captured a rare species known as “sunfish.”

The unexpected items that Gwader fishermen discovered in their nets on Friday astounded them. The fisherman captured “Sun Fish,” a unique kind of fish.

According to experts, the Sun Fish, which may weigh over two tons, is frequently spotted in the deep oceans.

A fisherman in July 2021 struck it lucky when he caught a rare fish off the coast of Jiwani, Balochistan, measuring 26 kg.

Details indicate that the fish, known as Sowa in the community, brought in Rs676,000 during an auction held at a nearby fish market.

In the last week, there have been three such catches. A rare Sowa (croaker) fish that was found off the coast of Jiwani was auctioned for a whopping Rs8.6 million earlier on May 30.

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