Kubra Khan credits Allah with her achievement.

Television actress Kubra Khan discusses the value of prayer with Maliha Rehman. She gives Allah (SWT) thanks for always selecting the greatest projects and for the audience’s affection.

One of the most adored actresses on television is Kubra Khan. She is a popular star in both television and movies, and she is quite particular about the characters she chooses.

Even after doing Alif, Kubra Khan has always displayed her strong spirituality in real life.

She prefers to keep her religious side hidden and doesn’t post too many updates on her prayers, Umrah trip, or travels through the Aitekaaf on social media.

Kubra also discussed the perception that performers are inherently nonreligious. People assume that actors are disengaged from religion, and she acknowledged this, saying that she understood people’s tendencies.

She revealed that someone in the same sector told her, “Kaise kaise log Umrah par jaa rahe hain,” when she returned from Umrah.

Kubra was taken aback by this as the woman is a part of the industry. Kubra continued, saying that people make assumptions about celebrities based on preconceived beliefs rather than knowing the true nature of a person.

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