Lahore heat: This weekend is expected to see thunderstorms

There’s a severe heatwave now prevailing in Lahore, with highs expected to reach 43 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, according to the Met Department.

Particularly hot and terrible living conditions are experienced by tenants on the ground floor, where temperatures can soar to 44 degrees Celsius.

With no immediate relief in sight, the Met Department predicts that the protracted heat spell will last until Friday.

Though the temperatures are still quite high, there is a possibility of rain later in the week. Rain and thunderstorms are expected to occur on Saturday and Sunday, which could provide some relief from the heat.

“The intensity of heat in Lahore is at its peak, and residents are advised to take precautions,” forecasters said. Lahore is already experiencing 37 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Forecasts indicate that next week’s heatwave will be milder, which would provide some respite to people living in Lahore.

Until then, though, to avoid heat-related ailments, medical professionals recommend drinking plenty of water, keeping inside during the hottest parts of the day, and avoiding heavy sun exposure.

A severe heatwave is also being experienced in Karachi, where inhabitants are dealing with extremely hot and uncomfortable circumstances due to rising temperatures and humidity levels.

Although it is currently 33 degrees Celsius with a high humidity level of 73%, the Met Department predicts that on Tuesday the maximum temperature could climb as high as 41 degrees Celsius. There was a noticeable heat wave at 39 degrees, according to the report.

In Karachi, however, the weather bureau says that sea breezes will return starting Wednesday night, and tomorrow is expected to bring a gradual dip in temperature.

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