Leo Weekly Horoscope

Aug 1, 2022 – Aug 7, 2022 – You’ve got friends in high places when Venus in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus on Tuesday. Private friendships and alliances you’ve made in your career could help you get ahead. Use all of your connections to get what you want, from a new job to a promotion.

After a carefree summer, you’re going to have to be a little cautious with your spending money when Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday, moving into your value zone. This is an ideal time to come up with a spending plan you can stick to before the retrograde season starts. You can thank us later, Leo.

However, those alliances you had at the start of the week might begin to fray when Mars squares Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday. Don’t blow an important relationship with partners or clients because your ambition made you fly too close to the sun. Don’t get cocky.

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