Leo Weekly Horoscope

Aug 29, 2022 – Sep 4, 2022 – Mars in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries on Thursday, making it a great day for adventure and humanitarian efforts. You have a strong desire to help others, so do some volunteer work. Meeting people from all backgrounds can help you understand different perspectives.

However, remember to keep it polite because Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter on Friday, which could make it a big day for miscommunication. This aspect can make you too stubborn to see different perspectives. It might be tempting to fly off the handle, so try not to take everything so personally.

Fortunately, you’ll get a boost when Venus enters Virgo on Sunday, moving into your value zone. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be attracted to safety and the people who make you feel safe. Stability will be the most important thing to you now, Leo, so look for people who raise your self-esteem.

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