Leo Weekly Horoscope

Oct 31, 2022 – Nov 6, 2022 – Yikes, Leo! The weekend is going to be very messy when Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Saturday. This could be a real family feud as you and your family clash over your independence. You want to be able to go your own way while your family wants you to stay put. You’ll need to start making your own decisions if you truly want to be free.

However, the struggle is real when Venus squares Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday. Your family is not only taking over your personal and professional lives, they’re now sticking their nose into your romantic life as well. Whether they’re trying to play matchmaker or get involved in issues between you and your partner, either way, you won’t be happy about it. This could turn into a day of major drama where no one really wins.

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