Leo Weekly Horoscope

Nov 14, 2022 – Nov 20, 2022 – It’s a great time for romance because you’re ready to take a leap of faith when Venus enters Sagittarius on Tuesday, moving into your pleasure zone. You might meet someone that you have burning-hot chemistry with, and you could really heat up a chilly fall night. Go for it, Leo!

It’s also a time for laughter as Mercury enters your creativity zone on Thursday. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be gifted with charm and humor that could impress anyone, especially at holiday parties. Accept your coveted role as the life of the party. We know you want to.

End the week on a sensual note when Vesta enters Pisces on Sunday, moving into your intimacy zone. Things that you’ve been suppressing in your subconscious come to the surface in surprising ways that can bring plenty of pleasure. Don’t be afraid to get your freak on. You might like it.

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