Leo Weekly Horoscope

Nov 21, 2022 – Nov 27, 2022 – This week brings an extra boost of creativity and romance when the sun enters Sagittarius on Tuesday, moving into your pleasure zone. Over the next four weeks you’ll discover that play is the more important part of learning and experiencing the world, so allow yourself to have fun everywhere you go.

This is also a week of self-expression during the new moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday. Now is the time to dive into your creative talents and learn how to expand your abilities. Create art without caring about the final result. You’re here to learn, not to make things perfect.

Your intuition comes back stronger than ever when Jupiter moves forward in your intimacy zone, also on Wednesday. This is a period of rebirth for you, and you are more than ready to transform your life for the better before the new year begins. However, these changes will be mostly spiritual.

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