Leo Weekly Horoscope

Mar 6, 2023 – Mar 12, 2023 – Start March on the right foot by being a little smarter with your money during the Virgo full moon on Tuesday. With the moon in your value zone, this is a good time to develop better money habits rather than impulsively splurge on things you don’t use or need. Invest, Leo, don’t spend!

Especially as this is the beginning of a life-changing period as Saturn enters Pisces on Tuesday, moving into your transformation zone. That goes double if it’s your Saturn return. This is an intense transit that affects every area of your life. As you dive into your darkest fears, you’ll emerge a new person.

Loyalty is a great quality to have, especially when it comes to your work. However, when Juno enters Taurus and your career zone on Saturday, don’t let loyalty turn into blind devotion. You might miss important opportunities for success.

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