Leo Weekly Horoscope

Jun 20, 2022 – Jun 26, 2022 – Gather your friends together to have a good chat when Mercury sextiles Jupiter in Aries on Monday. Sitting around a fire or chilling at home and talking about important issues will help everyone understand major ideas and even change some minds. Don’t be afraid of the discourse.

Time for a vibe check during the summer solstice when the sun enters Cancer on Tuesday. The sun will be in your privacy zone for the next four weeks, encouraging you to take it easy. Take a short vacation to unwind before your season begins, Leo, even if it’s just sitting in your kiddie pool.

However, just because you’re resting doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. This is a great time to make new friends and be more social even if you’re mostly video chatting. Invite a few friends over for a casual BBQ or post some amazing selfies.

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