Leo Weekly Horoscope

Nov 6, 2023 – Nov 12, 2023 – As we get ready for the holiday season, this is an ideal time to reconnect with your friends and neighbors as Venus enters Libra on Wednesday, moving into your communication zone. This is an opportune time for deep talks and weekend trips before the seasons change. Fights can resolve quickly because you can talk things out diplomatically.

The next couple of weeks will also be filled with creative energy once Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday, moving into your pleasure zone. Your inner creative fires will be burning bright, making it a great time for flirting, starting projects, and watching your favorite movies.

However, the end of the week is not a great time for romance as Mercury squares Saturn in Pisces on Friday. Pillow talk could sour today, so make sure you choose your words carefully, Leo, and don’t avoid hard conversations by making jokes.

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