Leo Weekly Horoscope

Jan 15, 2024 – Jan 21, 2024 – Start the week with life changes when the sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Monday. New habits and routines can lead to a transformation in your life. Whether you’re seeing the results of your workout plan or getting a promotion at work, Leo, you can see the seeds of your efforts blossom.

“Me” can shift to “we” over the next four weeks once the sun enters Aquarius and your partnership zone on Saturday. This is a great time to explore relationships of all kinds as you move forward together in unique harmony. It’s also an ideal time to fall in love.

However, keep an eye on your important relationships when Pluto enters your partnership zone on Saturday. Over the next decade, you could easily make enemies and lovers, so relationships of all kinds will change. There’s a strong possibility of getting married or divorced during this time of deep relationships.

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