Libra Weekly Horoscope

If you’ve been dealing with aches and pains, you might consider a different “remedy” this Tuesday, June 7.  With the sensible quarter moon in Virgo landing in your twelfth house—the part of the zodiac wheel that rules the subconscious—healing may go way beyond “skin deep.” Stress, for example, can cause inflammation to flare up. If you keep hitting the same brick wall with certain triggering people, your directive this Tuesday is to DISENGAGE. You don’t always have to be the peacemaker Libra, or the change agent. That might be hurting you more than you realize. Late Libra Louise Hay wrote the bible on the holistic mind-body connection, in fact. So this would be the perfect week to dust off a copy of “You Can Heal Your Life,” her reference guide that connects thoughts and emotions with specific physical pain. 

If you DO need to see a doctor, this quarter moon could lead you to the perfect practitioner—someone savvy and caring who will listen to your needs. If you’ve been settling for sub-par treatment, start researching your options. From insurance-only clinics to public health facilities, finding the right INDIVIDUAL to facilitate your healing is a great place to start. And try to look at achieving optimal vitality as a daily practice rather than an end goal. Little things DO add up!

You’re looking for excitement—and maybe a little trouble—this Saturday, as sultry Venus hooks up with pot-stirring Uranus in your seductively intense eighth house. There’s no denying the link between the taboo and the tantalizing, but are you sliding down a slippery slope? Tempting fate could put a solid relationship in jeopardy or suck you into a toxic spiral of obsession. That said, a little bit of the “erratic” may rev your erotic engines. Shake it up…just enough, Libra. (Here’s your excuse to buy that matching lingerie set, even if you wear it while delivering an ultimatum.) If you’ve been overly accommodating, put your jeweled mule down—and firmly. Pushing back against a lover’s assumptions and demands is healthy. While there may be temporary friction, you’ll also keep your S.O. on their toes. (Hot!) But don’t let the green-eyed monster wrest control. With hotheaded Uranus in the frame, jealousy could skew your powers of discernment, making it hard to see what’s REALLY happening here. 

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