Libra Weekly Horoscope

Jan 30, 2023 – Feb 5, 2023 – This isn’t a great week for first impressions, Libra, because you’ll be feeling a little stalled when Ceres enters your sign on Friday. Over the next few weeks you might be wondering how much you’re really growing as a person. You’ll need to find harmony in your body again before you can make peace with the world.

Energy vampires at work could leave you feeling drained this weekend when Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini on Saturday. People in your workplace might be holding you back from your dreams. Break free without burning too many bridges.

You might feel like seeking some validation from your friends and community during the full moon in Leo on Sunday. With the moon in your social zone, you might attempt to become the hero by helping others. However, make sure you’re doing this with good intentions and not just for the credit.

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