Libra Weekly Horoscope

Jun 12, 2023 – Jun 18, 2023 – Your mind is too restless to deal with the mundane this week when Mercury in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces on Thursday. Tasks like cleaning and organizing might bore you because you want to explore the big, wide world. Let your mind wander, but don’t stray off the path.

You’re starting the summer on an adventurous note during the new moon in Gemini and your expansion zone on Saturday. You’re ready to expand your mind and learn new things during this lunar cycle. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and swap stories. Have fun!

However, you won’t be ending the week on a productive note when the sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on Sunday. You’ll be too busy having fun and thinking about the possibilities summer can bring. It’s great to brainstorm, Libra, but you have to actually do something with your genius ideas.

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