Libra Weekly Horoscope

Jun 19, 2023 – Jun 25, 2023 – The longest day of the year is an amazing day to start working on your professional goals, Libra. The sun enters Cancer and your career zone on Wednesday and will be here for the next few weeks. This a great time to take on new responsibilities, find a mentor, and protect your vision at all costs.

Don’t be afraid to ask for some help when Juno enters your career zone on Thursday. This transit brings major “power couple” vibes as you form an attachment to someone who has your same goals and ambitions. This is a great time to connect with a person who can boost your reputation.

It’s also an ideal time to broaden your horizons when Vesta enters Gemini and your expansion zone on Thursday. This is an ideal chance to enroll in summer classes, go on a trip, and talk to people from all walks of life.

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