Libra Weekly Horoscope

Jul 17, 2023 – Jul 23, 2023 – You’re starting the lunar cycle on an ambitious note during the new moon in Cancer and your career zone on Monday. You have a lot of big dreams, so you’ll need to work hard to put them into action. Find ways to give your reputation a boost, Libra, even if you have to call in a few favors from your network.

However, these social connections could be difficult to make and keep when Venus goes retrograde in your social zone on Saturday. The rest of summer will be rough on friendships as you learn the hard way that not everyone has your back. There could be drama in the group chats!

Fortunately, the sun entering your social zone on the same day will give you a strong desire for independence, encouraging you to forge your own path to find your people. Spend time thinking about your hopes, dreams, and future self.

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