Lightning threats: PDMA publishes recommendations

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has published public instructions in response to lightning and rain-related deaths in different regions of Balochistan.

Since the third day of Eid, widespread heavy rains have been battering nearly every district in Balochistan, resulting in at least eight deaths from lightning-related incidents.

As lightning typically affects open and elevated areas, the PDMA advised residents to take preventative precautions in a statement released here on Sunday.

“When thunderstorms are approaching, people should stay out of trees and not store shiny goods outside. Apart from avoiding plains, beaches, and other open locations, one must keep oneself away from iron items such as cars and poles, according to PDMA.

Mobile phone games, landlines, computers, and laptops should not be used in public, according to PDMA. “At thunderstorms, avoid riding a motorcycle, bicycle, etc.,” the PDMA continued.

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