Mahira Khan says her husband Salim puts up with THIS about her.

Mahira Khan said in a recent Women’s Day special video featuring her digital magazine Mashion that the most bizarre rumor she has heard about herself had to do with her pregnancy. She recollected and explained, “It’s not true. Maybe it’s because I’ve gained weight, but I also left a Netflix series and a big movie. I’m not sure where they came from.”

“I hate that he is not expressive, I tolerate [the fact that] the minute he wakes up, he wants the music on, and I like to listen to the sound of birds and nature,” the “Aik Thi Nigar” singer added, listing all the qualities of her spouse that she loves, hates, and tolerates.

“I want to tell all the women out there that it’s okay for your double chin to show, and for you to have stretch marks, and it’s okay if you’re growing and if you’re not looking as good as people look when they have three filters on them,” Khan said at the end of the video in honor of International Women’s Day. A message to all women—and to myself as well—is to quit comparing oneself to other people because you are already wonderful.

She underlined, “Secondly, it is extremely important for a woman to be financially independent; there is nothing better.” “Whatever it is, I do believe that really helps that you can start something from home or go and work wherever you want.”

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