man caught at Karachi airport in possession of 45 Pakistani passports

The incident happened at Jinnah Terminal during luggage scanning, where the passports were found to be in the person’s possession, according to the ASF spokesperson.

According to the spokeswoman, the traveler, identified as Adnan, was unable to offer a convincing defense for the existence of passports bearing the names of unrelated individuals.
The passengers and the discovered passports were turned over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), according to a later statement from an ASF representative.

According to reports, the passenger was carrying 45 Pakistani passports, each belonging to a different citizen, who were traveling to Dubai from Iran.

A plan to launder money was thwarted earlier this year at the Karachi airport by the Airport Security Force (ASF), who took gold jewelry and foreign cash worth Rs 16 million from a passenger heading to Bangkok.

According to an ASF spokeswoman, a passenger traveling to Bangkok had 251 grams of gold and Rs16 million in foreign cash seized from them.

When the gold and foreign currencies were found, the man was arrested.

At Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan Customs agents intercepted a foreign cash smuggling effort and retrieved almost $23,000 from a traveler.

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