Mannat Murad Episode-10 and 11 Review: Mannat and Murad trick their families to get engaged

  • Baray Bhaiya himself fixes Mannat’s rishta with Murad

Mannat Murad, Geo Entertainment’s drama airing the episodes twice a week is growing on us. It’s an entertaining watch having Iqra Aziz and Talha’s crackling onscreen chemistry is the cherry on top. Other performances are also quite impressive. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Mannat and Murad are leveling up the ground for their future engagement. In these new episodes, it is shown that Mannat and Murad succeed in their plan to get engaged!

Mannat and her bhabi have very cleverly set the ground for Murad’s proposal in front of Baray Bhaiya that he even agrees to go to Murad’s house. Although Mannat tries to create a lot of drama in front of Baray Bhaiya as if she is not happy with this proposal and when Baray Bhaiya says that okay he will not go then she cleverly covers it with her bhabi. Baray Bahiya along with family goes to Murad’s house.

Murad is on cloud nine as well, his exuberance is well depicted by his happy dance moves. However, he is behaving as if he is not happy in front of his mother. This reverse psychology strategy worked in Mannat Murad’s case as Baray Bhaiya himself fixes Mannat and Murad’s rishta. Murad’s mother is still giving mixed signals kinda expressions at places she sees that Murad seems too happy.

Mannat is hanging out with Murad and doing shopping with him when Faisal bhai sees them together in the mall. Faisal and his relationship with his lady boss is suspected by his wife well I find no such thing he apparently appears to be a nice guy. I think that Itrat should not have given money to Shoukat, I feel that it will create differences between the happy couple. Baray Bhaiya asks Mannat to wear her mother’s bridal dress on her wedding day. She agrees to wear her mother’s bridal dress.

Murad’s mother also digs her old wedding clothes for Mannat. Murad’s older sister’s bitterness makes sense but her getting maniac at her sweet brother is way too much she is such an annoying character, hoping that she will get hitched with Baray Bhaiya. Murad becomes upset about his sister’s attitude he finds it hard to make everyone happy. His colleague warns him that he needs extra effort to make Mannat happy too as she is the sister of four brothers and now it is his duty of him alone to make her happy. Well, I do not agree with the thought that it is the responsibility of the male to make everyone happy! We should not burden anyone with this responsibility everyone is responsible for their own happiness.

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