Meri Shehzadi Episode-24 Review: Dr Hassan holds a press conference to reveal Dania’s mental state

This review is a tribute to the Late Qavi Khan

Hum TV drama Meri Shehzadi is a serial with a unique and larger story premise but its execution is not doing justice with it. Performances are all good, particularly I want to mention Sonia Mishal who has nailed her character as Cam. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shahana is not coming slow with her power play. In this episode, it feels like Dr Hassan may be able to save Dania. This review is a tribute to the Late Qavi Khan, the legendary actor who played the role of Nana Jaan and he passed away this Sunday in Canada. This marks his last project as an actor. Farewell to the legendary actor veteran actor Qavi Khan and Shamim Hilali were the soul of this play.

Cam has become rebellious she has no hesitation, she starts insulting Shahana and Sheroze ending up leaving Sheroze saying that she will soon divorce him. Well, Cam has humiliated Shahana so much and also stops her from getting herself slapped why it is not making Shahana as angry as it has made in the case of Dania? Why she is not thinking to punish Cam the way she is punishing Dania?

Dr Hassan one of the top cardiologists in Pakistan is too free to make rounds at Dania’s place. Dr Hassan is sincerely concerned for Dania he tells Nana jaan that he has made an appointment with a top psychiatrist and he asks her to make her ready for the session. However, before that Dania in a trance state of mind starts walking and walks past the house and goes on the street by the way no house help cares to stop her.

Dr Hassan is looking for Dania on the streets and ends up finding her in a hospital. She is unconsciously lying on the hospital bed, the doctor tells Dr Hassan that she has been given some strong psychotic medicines which have messed up her brain. Well, Rosy has not told anything to Nana but Dania has recalled how one of the nannies used to give her milk and juice, how naive of Dania!

Dr Hassan holds a press conference in which he discusses that Dania is being dosed with such medicines and her current mental health is a reason for that. However, the court rejects his certificate saying that they cannot accept this certificate as their ongoing scandal news is making rounds. Shahana has already given Moiz the task to ruin Dr Hassan. We wonder where Dania’s story is going to lead. We do not want a tragic end!

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