Meri Shehzadi Episode-26 Review: Is Shahana hiring a hitman for Dania?

Dania refuses Shahana’s plea to reconcile with Sheroze

Hum TV Drama serial Meri Shehzaadi is 26 episodes down and still, there is no sign of the conclusion of the story. As loosely based on the life of Princess Diana we anticipate the tragic death of Dania. Performances are all great, particularly it is a treat to watch Atiqa Odho jee as Shahana. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shahana steps down from CM’s seat. In this episode, it is shown that Dania refuses the offer of becoming CM which has multiplied her popularity.

Shahana loses her seat as CM and also her protocol. She is facing humiliation from the Public and on social media. With Dania’s refusal to take CM’s seat, her popularity in public has multiplied. Shahana is terribly missing all the perks of being a chief minister, her protocol and everything. She admits in front of her son that she is power hungry, for her, power is her sole luxury and other luxuries without power seem meaningless for her.

Sheroze tells her mom about his divorce being finalized with Cam to which she instantly says it’s good! Sheroze gets a bit bitter that what’s good in it. Shahana once again blames him for her downfall on which he corrects his mother that it is she who uses a stupid nanny to dose Dania! Both of them are unhinged and have no moral compass. There is no iota of shame or guilt in both of them for their past conduct.

Shahana wants Sheroze to bring back Dania at any cost! Shahana and Sheroze both are fooling themselves to think that after all, they have done with Dania, she will come back to them! Shehroze thinks of himself as a loser who has lost his love and now has to beg Dania to come back. Shahana and Sheroze have the audacity to go to Nana’s place to bring Dania back. Thank God for this time Dania is not spineless she refuses to even consider the reconciliation.

Dania in front of Shahana admits that she wants to start her new life but not with Sheroze but with whom they have scandalized her yes she names Dr Hassan and chooses him over Sheroze. The best part is that Nana jaan supports Dania and they both are resolute not to pay any heed to Shahana and Shehroze’s pleas. We have seen Dania cooking food for Dr Hassan and taking interest in him. At the end of the episode, Shahana calls Moiz to bring a man with a strange name. On which, Sheroze says if you have to use him then why you have tried that stupid nanny? What does it mean Shahana is hiring a hitman for Dania?

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