Meri Shehzadi Second Last Episode Review: Dania’s popularity graph goes down with her decision to marry Dr Hassan

Dania through Press Conference shares her decision to marry Dr Hassan

Meri Shehzaadi the drama serial airing on Hum TV is on the verge of its conclusion. Meri Shehzadi seems like a loose adaptation of the life of Princess Daina, with that we might expect a tragic ending for Dania, she may die in the end. In the previous episode, we are wondering that is Shahana hiring a hitman for Dania. In this episode, it is shown that Dania’s popularity graph goes down as soon as she through a press conference shares her decision to marry Dr Hassan.

It is so heart-touching to see Dania actually taking interest in Dr Hassan and his family. She cooks dinner for him and very warmly treats his mother. Chotu’s character is too caricaturish, he seems to burger to be a house help. Dania and Dr Hassan’s scenes together are good. We kinda feel some chemistry although not very crackling. This is so far one of the weakest performances by Urwa.

Shahana has called Dania’s father so that he can convince his daughter to reconcile. Dania’s father is not making any sense to me. Why Shahana is so persistent in reconciliation? How will it save their downfall? However, it is shown that this kind of dynamic does affect our traditional politics. Dania’s father goes to meet Nana Jaan when Dr Hassan enters with Dania, holding her hand and asking him to marry his daughter.

Shahana and Sheroze are not coming slow, they call a press conference stunt where Sheroze validates his wife’s spotless character and apologizes asking her and pleading with her to come back. In return, Dania holds a Press Conference and there she shares with the world that she is taking a divorce and also shares that she has decided to marry Dr Hassan. Does it seem that our typical society is not yet ready to accept a woman’s decision of second marriage? Why?

Public sympathies start going towards Shehroze and Dania’s popularity graph has gone down. People are shaming her for no reason. Even the Chairman of the party who was all praises for Dania is shocked at her decision calling it her foolishness and her career suicide. Dania is clear that all she wants from life is love and homemaking. Party Chairman once again join hands with Shahana, likely to restore her seat. Does it show how distorted our political structure is? We just hope and pray that Dania ends well and is happy with Dr Hassan, she deserves it. No tragic ending, please!

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