The Met Department issues a temperature alert for Lahore; rain is not predicted.

Residents of Lahore are advised to take protective measures against the sweltering weather as temperatures rise and the heatwave gets stronger.

By Friday, the top meteorologist predicts that the temperature would have risen steadily to a high of 45°C. Medical professionals are concerned about this prognosis and encourage the public to use caution when going outside, especially during the hottest times of the day.

To avoid heat-related ailments and dehydration, medical professionals have stressed the significance of drinking lots of water, covering one’s head in the afternoon, and remaining hydrated.

Residents of the city are asked to put their health and well-being first by avoiding prolonged sun exposure and seeking shade wherever possible as a result of the heatwave that is predicted to hit the area. Lahore is predicted to see a temperature increase to 38 degrees Celsius today, marking the beginning of a new trend.

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