Microsoft introduces the AI-powered “Copilot Plus” PC.

Because there is a need for gadgets with ChatGPT-like capabilities, the tech giant predicts that over 50 million “AI PCs” will be sold in the upcoming 12 months.

During a launch ceremony in Redmond, Washington, Nadella declared, “We are introducing an entirely new class of Windows PCs engineered to unleash the power of distributed AI.”

“This new category is dubbed ‘Copilot Plus.'” “The end product is the most AI-ready and fastest Windows PCs ever created,” the CEO of Microsoft stated.

Google has frequently had to play catch-up to Microsoft, which among the tech titans has pushed the hardest to incorporate the capabilities of generative AI into its products.

ChatGPT-like AI is accessible in Microsoft products such as Teams, Outlook, and Windows. It is referred to as Copilot within Microsoft.

Microsoft has made an unsuccessful attempt thus far to use generative AI to revitalise Bing, its online search engine.

Wall Street has welcomed the shift to artificial intelligence, with Microsoft surpassing Apple to become the largest firm in the world by market capitalization.

After Google and ChatGPT creator Open AI’s announcements last week, Nadella makes his own on the subject of AI.

Updates that are not yet available to users included the businesses’ demonstration of chatbots that could now communicate more like humans and have the ability to grasp their environment through video.

In addition, amid concerns that it would reduce its advertising revenue, Google revealed it was integrating AI responses to its top search engine in the world.

OpenAI’s primary backer, Microsoft, has contributed almost $13 billion in the form of cloud computing credits, which meet ChatGPT’s enormous processing requirements.

‘Revolution in AI’

Many are willing to pay more for ChatGPT-like features, according to analysts, and this increased demand for AI products is helping Google and Microsoft’s cloud computing businesses grow.

AI will boost Microsoft’s sales by $25–30 billion by 2025, according to a note to investors from Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities.

“We are only at the beginning of the AI Revolution,” Ives stated, adding that “the spending on AI in the tech industry is unprecedented.”

Just before an Apple event next month, where it is widely anticipated that ChatGPT’s capabilities would be included in a new iPhone, Microsoft is introducing AI into PCs and smartphones.

A collaboration between Apple and OpenAI may also be announced, according to media reports.

Fears that generative AI may endanger civilization notwithstanding, the tech titans are pushing their goods through the door at breakneck speed.

Authorities, especially those in the US, which is typically less controlled, are devising strategies to monitor AI advancements more closely and perhaps impose deployment restrictions.

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