Microsoft Teams reveals message forwarding feature

Microsoft Teams, a popular platform for collaboration, is introducing a novel feature that makes it easy for users to forward messages between chats, a significant step towards improving its messaging capabilities. 

This function is a big step forward for digital communication since it makes it easier to share important notes or notifications between individual or group conversations.

With the latest version, users may now send a message by utilising the right-click menu, which is a simple operation meant to boost productivity and save time. 

In order to guarantee that the receiver retains the context of the message, the feature also enables users to append further information. 

Users of the Microsoft Teams desktop app for Windows can now enjoy this improved feature, which is presently in the process of being rolled out.

This update is a component of a larger set of enhancements meant to make Microsoft Teams an even more sophisticated and user-friendly communication tool. 

One of the other new features is that you can now control calendar notifications directly from the Activity Feed. A new feature has also been added that allows users to send customised in-meeting notifications to particular participants during a conversation. 

This technology further demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication to offering a secure communication environment by using a bot to protect the message’s privacy.

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