Mohsin Naqvi receives a call from Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zedong

In order to discuss plans for Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif’s impending travel to China, Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zedong spoke with Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Thursday.

As the Chinese ambassador congratulated Mohsin Naqvi on taking up the position of Ministry of Interior portfolio, Mohsin Naqvi welcomed the Chinese ambassador into the ministry.

During the meeting, topics including the security of Chinese nationals living in Pakistan and the arrangements for Pakistan’s prime minister’s visit to China were discussed.

The development of the Basham situation was another topic of discussion during the conference. According to Naqvi, the Bisham event was an attack on the relationship between China and Pakistan, and those responsible will ultimately meet a sad end.

He informed the Ambassador that stringent SOP execution is being ensured, and that additional SOPs will be created for the protection of Chinese nationals throughout Pakistan.

He informed the ambassador that he had met the consul generals on his visits to the Chinese consulates in Karachi and Lahore. The minister stated that the Chinese Consul Generals conveyed their contentment with the security measures implemented by the Chinese nationals.

“Pakistan will not permit any scheme to undermine China’s friendship to be successful,” Naqvi declared, stressing that the two countries have a close, fraternal relationship that has lasted for decades and that the adversary is unable to sever.

High ranking representatives of the Chinese embassy, as well as relevant officers, were there alongside Federal Secretary of Interior Khurram Agha.

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