Momina Iqbal urges her followers to refrain from sharing manipulated videos of her deceased father.

The actress, perturbed by the dissemination of manipulated videos and images of her deceased father on social media, expressed her dissatisfaction and appealed for empathy on her personal Instagram account during this challenging time.

“Kindly refrain from altering or distributing any videos featuring my father on social media platforms, as well as from mentioning or associating me with said videos.” “This period is challenging for me,” Momina declared in her Instagram story.

In the midst of her sorrow, she explicitly stated that disseminating the altered film is not only insulting but also exceedingly agonizing.

In addition, she stated, “If you are unable to undertake any other action, I kindly request that you offer prayers for my father.” I am unable to fathom the fact that he is no longer alive. Momina conveyed her profound astonishment upon receiving the news of her father’s demise, expressing her ongoing struggle to accept the reality of his absence.

therefore,”Due to my father’s constant presence, he is unable to truly depart from me.” She underscored the enduring emotional connection she maintains with her deceased father by stating, “I am able to sense his presence, therefore I kindly request that you refrain from informing me of his whereabouts.”

Momina’s father died last month. Upon the actress’s announcement of her father’s demise on social media, both fans and colleagues inundated her with expressions of sympathy.

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