More than 8 million Pakistanis emigrated in 2023, according to a report

In 2023, almost 8 million Pakistanis departed for foreign countries, according to the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) annual immigration report.

19.5 million travelers were successfully processed by FIA Immigration at international arrival and departure counters, according to the report.

2.1 million international visitors and 7.1 million Pakistanis made up the 9.2 million travelers.

2.1 million Pakistani citizens and 2.2 million foreigners, totaling 10.3 million travelers, left Pakistan.

At most 3.6 million Pakistanis passed via Lahore Airport on their way to and from abroad. 3.5 million travelers from Pakistan used Islamabad Airport.

According to the report, the FIA Integrated Border Management System processed 2935 stop list cases and detained 1602 human traffickers while conducting operations against them.

The US State Department retained Pakistan’s Tier 2 classification in its annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report 2023, it said, adding that up to 25 of the most sought human traffickers were also apprehended during the year 2023.

Based on fictitious documentation, up to 1,129 people were offloaded and relocated to their respective police stations.

To stop terrible situations like the Greece ferry catastrophe and beggars posing as Umrah, strict screening was implemented at airports.

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