Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-14 Review: Saad’s character is the saving grace of the show

Maheer is blaming herself for her father’s condition

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is one of the trending serials, and for that, the whole credit goes to Wahaj Ali. And also to the writer for crafting Saad’s character so beautifully. In the previous episode, we have seen that Faha publicly accuses Maheer of still being in touch with her so-called fiance Areeb and as a result, Maheer’s father collapses. In this episode, Maheer is blaming herself for her father’s condition.

Maheer’s father gets a stroke he is partially paralyzed. Maheer is worried for her father, her world has turned upside down as Faha has publicly accused her of still staying in contact with Areeb. This has made her character questionable in front of people and particularly her in-laws. Saad is such a gem that he stands strong for her, never even questions her about the accusations saying that he has blind trust in her.

Faha tells Areeb that she has gone to Maheer’s place and she has insulted her on which Areeb and Faha have loud arguments. The scene goes way too filmy when Areeb shows Faha huge portraits of Maheer which he has made for her room. This has maddened Faha she is unhinged just like her Mumani. Well wondering if Faha being guilty of Maheer’s father’s collapsing is for real or if she is just faking in front of her Mumani?

Faha is a thoroughly evil person she is faking all the guilt drama, she is resolute to ruin Maheer’s life and will make Areeb hate Maheer the way he is hating her right now. She changes her approach and now she is doing a drama as if she has gone there for Areeb and shows him Maheer’s happy Valima pictures. Well, Areeb’s character is flawed, if he really loves Maheer he should not be okay with Faha going there and publicly insulting his love! What kind of love is this?

Neelo is blaming Maheer for creating all the trouble and despite Saad stopping her she continues shaming Maheer. Maheer who is already blaming herself becomes suicidal and leaves the house. Saad is following her, he tells her that no matter what happens he is still with her. Maheer is being too selfish she is not realizing that how deeply Saad loves her, despite all that happened she is still in her bubble of agony. The overall story is a bit lacking sense however Saad’s character is the saving grace of the show.

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