Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-17 Review: Maheer is being too selfish

Areeb’s mother is once again fooling Areeb

ARY Digital drama serial Muje Pyaar Hua Tha is one of the trending serials in the running and the main cause of its immense popularity is its heart-touching OST and the beautifully crafted character of Saad. Performances are all good, particularly Wahaj Ali and Hania Amir’s flawless performances which makes this show an absolute hit. In the previous episode, we had been wondering if Maheer will leave Saad for Areeb. In this episode, Maheer continues to be selfish and Areeb’s mother once again has shown her true colours.

We were wondering in the previous episodes will Maheer leave Saad for Areeb. In this episode, Maheer’s friends ask the same question from her which makes Maheer speechless. After what Neelo has pleaded to Maheer in the previous episode Maheer’s oblivion is making her an absolutely mean and selfish girl, she is least concerned about what pain Saad is going through all she knows is living in her own bubble of melancholy.

For a while, we have believed that Areeb’s mother has a change of heart and she really wants to make her son happy but no she is making her son a fool once again. Well, how conveniently she walks into the house of Saad? By the way, there is no doorbell nothing she just walked into at quite an inappropriate time when Neelo’s rishta guests have been there and they have fixed her engagement date. Coincidentally boy’s father is an employee at Rehan’s Co and he knows Areeb’s mother.

Why it’s always like Saad’s family has to suffer on behalf of that mean Maheer? I know here there is no fault of Maheer she has no idea why Areeb’s mother has come to see her but the way she lied about her? covering her action by saying that she has come to apologize is making no sense at all. Well in real Areeb’s mother has shown Maheer a mirror. She has questioned her upbringing and morality which is why she being a married woman is still in touch with her son.

Maheer if she has an iota of shame and self-respect left in her would have put an end to Areeb’s scene and she would never lie about her in front of her mother and Saad’s parents. Saad always reaches a new level of greatness in every episode. Despite the fact that Areeb’s mother has spoiled Neelo’s nikkah date fixing, all he cares about is Maheer. Saad deserves someone better in his life, Maheer does not deserve a pure heart like Saad. In the ending scene, Maheer’s breakout makes sense and it’s cute when Saad embraces her. Maheer please don’t leave a gem like Saad for Areeb.

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