Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-18 Review: Poor Saad gets arrested for no reason

We are so done with Maheer and Saad!

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is 18 episodes down and we are so done with Maheer and Saad! both the characters are testing the audience’s level of patience. Performances by the lead cast are good but it is the writing which is simply horrible, the way both the characters are written. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maheer is being too selfish. In this episode, the Police arrest Saad for no reason.

Areeb is being an outright creep. The way he is forcing Maheer to meet him is making him a negative character. Neelo has caught Areeb calling Maheer from an unknown number by the way she should not have received the call, I hope she has blocked his number although no such indication has shown. Areeb certainly does not know the meaning of consent when Maheer is clearly pleading with him to go away then why he is insisting she goes with him on a drive? We got zero sympathy for Areeb.

Maheer’s character is written so badly that we hardly feel any connection with this character she is so outright selfish and mean. The way she let her mother think that Areeb’s mother actually had come to apologize is making no sense at all! Why she is lying? Saad’s character is not pleasing at all he is an outright fool who let himself get used by a girl who actually does not deserve him at all.

Well, the world of Maheer, Areeb and Saad is so small that they bump into each other all the time especially whenever Saad and Maheer go for an outing. Saad tries his best to resist the muggers which is quite a careless message to give in such times one should never resist let alone fight with them. Well, Saad fails to fight with them but Areeb pulls his pistol at the muggers who in return shot him in the arm. Well, the rest of the drama is merely on an arm injury.

There are a bunch of quite weak performances by Faha and her mother and even by Areeb’s mother too. Out of nowhere, Faha blames Saad for shooting Areeb for the honour! Seriously this is such horrible writing. It is making no sense at all. Poor Saad gets arrested for no reason and on top of that Maheer is least concerned for Saad even Saad’s neighbours are more concerned for him. Anabia’s character is also making no sense why can’t she see that Maheer is now a married woman? All Maheer cares is for Areeb she is blinded in the case of Saad! God no brain cells left after watching this horrendous episode of Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha.

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