Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-2 Review: With whom Maheer’s heart will incline? Saad or Areeb?

Both Saad and Areeb are besotted with Maheer.

Ary Digital’s newly started drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha airs its second episode. It seems a beginning of an intense love trio. Performances are really solid by all the lead stars. In the previous episode, we watched an intro about a love trio which has all the potential of being an intense love triangle. In this episode, we are wondering actually with whom Maheer’s heart is inclined Saad or Areeb?

The episode begins with a scene where Maheer is not feeling comfortable with Anabia’s friends, she has already called Saad to pick her up. Before Saad reaches one of Anabia’s male friends tries to be frank with her and when Maheer does not pay any heed he starts naming her Areeb. Maheer’s mood gets really off and she walks out of the group despite of Areeb and Anabia stopping her. Areeb starts fighting with his friends for Maheer.

Maheer on her way back home behaves very oddly with Saad it makes us wonder has she really got some feelings for Saad. She starts blaming Saad for letting her leave at Anabia’s place and for not stopping her from staying there. She further says that only he has the right to stop her which speaks volumes about their relationship and also how she values Saad. Saad’s face brightened upon hearing this sentence.

Areeb, on the other hand, is head-to-heel in love with Maheer, he is daydreaming about her. He calls her on her number and Maheer not really mind him calling her. On the way back from shopping Maheer and her friend’s path crosses with Areeb who swears that he is not following them. He offers them a lift and reluctantly Maheer sits in his car. Saad saw her coming out of the car but when he asks her how she come she lied about it. Why did she lie to Saad? By the way, Saad looks famished.

Maheer once again lies about Areeb’s call with Saad telling him that it is her Khala’s call. Why she is lying to Saad? I think she doesn’t want to hurt him, but the question is does she know that he is smitten by her oh she must know that! Well I feel like Maheer is torn between the two, she likes Saad’s company and she is afraid to lose him. On the other hand, she is also fascinated by the handsome hunk Areeb and she is liking his advances as well. If this is the case then it is going to be yet another controversial story. Quite engaging!

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