Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-23 Review: Maheer finally takes a stand for Saad!

Areeb has stooped so low that he has gone to Saad’s office and there he shames him for keeping Maheer forcefully in his life.

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is  23 episodes down. And in this latest episode, we finally get to see a sane side of Maheer. Maheer is on Saad’s side, she seems to be no more selfish. It is so heartwarming to see Maheer taking a stand for Saad. This episode belongs to Haniya Aamir and Wahaj Ali for their spectacular performances. In the previous episode, we have seen poor Saad facing another challenge on the financial front.

The episode opens with a scene showing Maheer’s mother creating a lot of fuss over selling the house. She is being too rude towards Saad and his family when Maheer arrives. Maheer comes to know about this new family crisis and to our surprise she is at Saad’s side. The way she is consoling Saad is redeeming her from whatever she has done. She tells Saad that she is with him no matter what happens.

Well, it is shown that Maheer is not bad but the characters around Maheer have quite a bad influence on her. The first character is her mother who is so mean and highly materialistic. She is after Maheer to break her relationship with Saad. She is so averse to Saad just because he is not well-established. The second mean and annoying character around Maheer is Anabia. She has the audacity to call Saad a third class good that she gets a shut-up call from Maheer.

Maheer wants to earn for her parents and for that, she wants to do a job. Well, Saad’s insisting she should not take the job is not making any sense. To our surprise, Maheer is taking it quite positively but it is Anabia and her mother who have issues with Saad for not letting her work. Saad’s own point of view is that he wants to take care of Maheer on his own as he is her responsibility.

Areeb’s character is appearing to be an egoistic lover who just wants to possess his love no matter what her will is. Maheer has clearly told her that she has now accepted Saad as her husband and now there is no place for him in her life but still, Areeb keeps insisting on her. In the ending scene, Areeb has stooped so low that he has gone to Saad’s office and there he shames him for keeping Maheer forcefully in his life. Poor Saad claims that if Maheer willingly tells him to leave her he will do so! Areeb has stooped so low, we are rooting for Saad and Maheer.

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