Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-25 Review: It’s not just a matter of love for Areeb any more but of his ego

Maheer finally gives Areeb a shut up call

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha has become a pleasurable watch since Maheer has gone through a change of heart. It is so good to see Saad having a good time with Maheer. Performances are all good, however, Zaviyaar needs to work hard. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maheer confesses in front of Saad that she has fully accepted him as her husband. In this episode, she gives the most deserved shut-up call to Abeer!

The best thing about Mujhe Pyaar Hua tha is the reversal of events in favor of Saad which is an absolute satisfaction for the audiences. Maheer has confessed in front of Saad that she has fully accepted him as her husband making him the happiest person on earth. Well, this happiness seems timely as there still seem so many trials and turbulence in the way of love.

Abeer is such an unhinged character he got no scruples. Maheer has clearly told him that she is happy with Saad but he is not ready to accept the reality. He is still in a state of denial but the guy got no scruples when he actually barged into Maheer’s house. He has the audacity to bring in with him the divorce papers. How can he enter Maheer’s house like that?

Maheer’s father is shocked to see Areeb at his place then Areeb, like a lunatic, starts calling Maheer. Maheer enters the room and Thank God for the very first time she gives the much-deserved shut-up call to Areeb. She slaps hard at his face and tells him that she truly hates him. Areeb is shocked at this reaction by Maheer, he is not expecting this. Maheer tells him clearly that he does not want divorce nor she wants to live with him.

Instead of respecting what Maheer wants Areeb like a villain is resolute to snatch her away from Saad now, it is not a matter of love for Areeb but it is a matter of his ego. Neelo and Saad’s mother’s reaction is very strange they start putting the whole blame for Areeb’s arrival yet again on Maheer despite seeing her fierce reaction. Saad once again protects his wife and he is on her side. Neelo and Saad’s mother’s attitude is not making any sense since Maheer has changed now it is their time to create a nuisance in the play. Overall good happening episode!

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