Naqvi: We Will Maintain Our Zero-Tolerance Policy Against Overbilling

The zero-tolerance approach against overbilling will remain, as stated by Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi.

He ordered concerned officials to intensify indiscriminate crackdowns in order to stop overbilling and electricity theft while presiding over a review meeting at the FIA Zonal Office in Lahore today.

The minister of the interior announced that officers who overbill citizens will also face consequences. He declared that punishing people for the carelessness and inefficiency of discos is totally intolerable.

Mohsin Naqvi reaffirmed the government’s commitment to making it a primary priority to assist electricity users with their overbilling problems.

He said that government employees engaged in electricity theft should likewise face indiscriminate punishment.

The Interior Minister was briefed by Director FIA Lahore Sarfraz Vark on the measures taken in this respect.

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