National Party will back Zardari in the next presidential contest

A spokesman for the National Party confirmed the event and stated that after reaching an eight-point agreement with the PPP, the party chose to back Asif Ali Zardari in the presidential race.

The National Party’s senators and members of the Balochistan Assembly, according to the spokesman, would cast their votes for Asif Ali Zardari on March 9.

He stated that the adoption of the eighteenth constitutional amendment in form and spirit as well as the retrieval of the missing individuals are covered in the eight-point accord.

The spokeswoman stated, “National Finance Commission (NFC) award will be announced in accordance with the constitution.” It was also decided, he said, that Balochistan would get a portion of the money made by the Gwadar port.

Additionally, the PPP and the National Party, led by Malik Baloch, came to an agreement.

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