Nawaz argues that no political party can do so in a PTI letter to the IMF.

Reacting to a letter that the PTI sent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday, the three-time prime minister Nawaz Sharif stated that no political party could do so and that the people should choose the outcome.

As he arrived at Parliament House to attend the first meeting of the recently elected National Assembly, he was answering questions from the media.

They are able to write these letters. It is their tradition,” Nawaz said, alluding to prior PTI acts and practices like the violence on May 9 and the 2014 sit-in.

Similarly, Shehbaz Sharif, the president of the PML-N, who will shortly take over as prime minister for a second term, said that the letter sent to the IMF was just another exhibit of an anti-state approach.

Shehbaz condemned the stunt and claimed that there should be no question that the PTI founder meant to harm the country.

Separately, PML-N Hamza Shehbaz said the most recent action was a rerun of May 9, but predicted their attempt to blow up the nation’s economy would fail.

Attaullah Tarar, the deputy secretary general of the PML-N, on the other hand, said that the PTI intended to incite chaos in Pakistan for its own benefit. It would have been appropriate for the PTI founder to include in the letter that he was incarcerated following his conviction for corruption.

Before starting talks with Islamabad for a new bailout package, the PTI requested that the IMF support an audit of the 2024 elections, which set off the dispute.

Nawaz had earlier on Wednesday stated at the PML-N parliamentary party meeting that Pakistan was “badly injured” and that tough choices were needed to address the issues of the day.

He said he had “never heard of that such [harsh] words were used against a prime minister” in reference to the PTI founding chairman.

He continued, saying, “We invited you at every point but you exhibited uncivilised behaviour in your rule,” adding that he was still unclear about the PTI’s goals.

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