Neem Episode-21 Review: Zimmal gets divorce from Shizal

  • Zimmal is impressed by Ashaad’s bravery

Neem, the HUM TV drama serial after its 21 episodes, seems to be dragging a bit. Mawra Hocane has given her best performance in this play. Ameer Gillani is also quite impressive and so is Syed Jibran with his power-packed performance. In the previous episodes, Zimaal meets Ashaad in unfortunate circumstances. In this episode, it is shown that Zimmal gets divorced from Shizal.

Zimmal is impressed by Ashaad’s bravery when a camp catches fire and Ashaad jumps into the fire to save the child. He has literally won Zimmal’s heart. Zimmal visits his camp to thank him for his bravery. Ashaad is avoiding her he doesn’t even look at her. Zimmal discusses Ashaad with her bhabi why does Ashaad always seem so sad and quiet is he always used to be like that?

Ashaad is avoiding Zimmal why? Is Ashaad’s feelings for Zimmal changed now he doesn’t love her anymore? Or he is currently occupied with so many problems that his love and affiliation for Zimmal has evaporated somewhere or it is just that his problems and issues are bigger right now. Ashaad extends his help and support to Salwas by kind of teaming up with Zimmal saying that he will bear their food and expenses well one wonders how will he.

Shizal comes to meet Zimmal and he looks sad too. Zimmal straightforwardly tells him that she does not feel any love or feelings for him anymore. Her tragedy is bigger than him as she is the one who cannot experience motherhood but Shizal does not realize this he is so occupied with his own loss that he becomes selfish. Zimmal demands a divorce from Shizal and he agrees. Later Zimmal gets to know that Mariyum is expecting a child for that she is truly happy for them.

Karmat Khan is busy grabbing his land from Salwas and plotting against them when he gets to know that Zimmal has gotten divorced. His passion and desire to win Zimmal arises back in his mind and he has changed his strategy totally. He is ready to give up land to win Zimmal’s heart, for him Zimmal is most important he is trying to be a good guy now disguising like a good man he is all set to win his lady love. Well, little does Karamat Khan why Zimmal has gotten the divorce if he knows that Zimmal cannot become a mother will he still be after her?

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