New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer Details PS5 Exclusive Features

Hogwarts Legacy releases a new gameplay trailer about ‘next-gen immersion’ that explains the game’s PlayStation 5 exclusive features.

The upcoming open world Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy is not a PlayStation exclusive, but it is still strongly tied to the PlayStation brand, having first been unveiled at a PS5 event in September 2020. Even though Hogwarts Legacy is a multi-platform game, it will still have some features exclusive to PS5.

Hogwarts Legacy recently released a “Next-Gen Immersion” trailer explaining what the next-gen versions of the game will enjoy, and more specifically, what playing the game will be like on a PS5. The trailer starts off by hyping the game’s 4K visuals, which is something that will be available to players on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, before talking more about what fans can expect exclusively from the PS5 experience.

As one might imagine, the PS5 exclusive features in Hogwarts Legacy largely revolve around the console’s DualSense controller and its unique capabilities. One’s Hogwarts Legacy house is represented by the DualSense’s light bar color, while the haptic feedback is used to make moments like flying on a hippogriff or barreling down the tunnels at Gringotts more immersive. Haptic feedback will also be apparent when casting spells in Hogwarts Legacy, and that’s where the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers will come into play as well.

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