Nine months yields Rs66 billion for Pakistan Railways.

They stated that the passenger and goods trains generated the majority of the department’s Rs 66 billion in revenue, with additional cash coming from other departments.

In comparison to the previous year, when 86 trains were in service, Pakistan Railways is currently operating about 96 passenger trains, according to their statement. Comparably, the number of goods trains operated this year reached seven, compared to an average of 3.75 the previous year.

As work on the Mainline-I (ML-I) project gets underway, things will be more streamlined, according to the sources who stated the department stressed that the problem of employee salary delays has now been rectified.

Responding to a query, they stated that only six minor accidents involving no fatalities occurred over the nation’s whole railway network in the previous three months, and that Pakistan Railways had increased preventative efforts to lower passenger train mishaps.

According to them, the efforts made to prevent trespassing at unmanned level crossings and unauthorised sites have resulted in a significant drop in accidents.

The department’s primary concern is passenger safety, thus our workers are constantly keeping an eye on the nation’s railway tracks and thoroughly inspecting the trains, the sources stated.

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